Monday, January 30, 2006


Here is a list of old trial books from Temple Law Library dealing with adultery:
AUTHOR Sturt, Charles, 1763-1812.
TITLE Report of the cause between Charles Sturt, plaintiff, and the
Marquis of Blandford, defendant, for criminal conversation with
the plaintiff's wife : tried in the Court of King's Bench,
Westminster, on Wednesday, the 27th May 1801, before Lord
Kenyon, and a special jury.
IMPRINT London : J. Riegway, 1801.
CALL # K645.C6 St97.

AUTHOR Mellin, Richard John Sutcliffe.
TITLE Report of the trial of Mellin v. Taylor, at York, before Mr.
Baron Parke, and a special jury : on Wednesday, Thursday &
Friday, July 20, 21, & 22, 1836 : damages for the plaintiff
IMPRINT Wakefield, Eng. : John Stanfield, 1836.
CALL # K645.C1 M488.

AUTHOR Northumberland, Hugh Percy, Duke of, 1742-1817.
TITLE The Right Hon. Hugh, Baron Percy, v. the Right Hon. Anne,
Baroness Percy : action for divorce on ground of adultery, May-
June 1778.
IMPRINT England : s.n., 1778?
CALL # K645.C1 P412.

AUTHOR Oliver, Sarah.
TITLE Sarah Oliver against Samuel Euclid Oliver : libel given in the 3d
of February, 1774.
IMPRINT [England : s.n., 1774?]
CALL # K645.C1 OL4.

AUTHOR Loveden, Edward Loveden.
TITLE Trial at large of an action brought by Edward Loveden Loveden
against Thomas Raymond Barker for criminal conversation with
Mrs. Loveden, in which damages were laid at {185}10,000 : tried at
Westminster before Lord Ellenborough and a special jury, July
3, 1809 / taken in short hand by Mr. Gurney.
IMPRINT London : Sherwood, Neely & Jones, 1809.
CALL # K645.C6 L941.

AUTHOR Sykes, Francis William.
TITLE The trial of Francis William Sykes, Esq. for adultery with the
wife of Captain Parslow, of the Third Regiment of Dragoons : in
the Court of King's Bench, Westminster, before Lord Kenyon and
a special jury, December, 9th, 1789.
IMPRINT [London? : s.n., 1789?]
CALL # K645.C1 Sy44.

AUTHOR Gunning, John, d. 1797.
TITLE Trial of General Gunning : for criminal conversation with Mrs.
Duberly, wife of Mr. Duberly : before Lord Kenyon, and a
special jury, in the Court of King's Bench, March 1792.
IMPRINT London : Printed for J. Bell, 1792.
CALL # K645.C1 G957.

AUTHOR Hart, John, d. 1791.
TITLE The trial of John Hart, Alderman of London : for adultery with
Hannah Hickman, his housekeeper and unparralleled cruelty to
Mrs. Hart, his wife ... as proved in the Consistorial Court at
Doctor's Commons, 1780.
IMPRINT [England : s.n.], 1780.
CALL # K645.C1 H251.

AUTHOR M'Taggart, John.
TITLE The trial of John M'Taggart, Esq. for adultery with the wife of
Jesse Gregson, Esq. : before the Rt. Hon. Edward Lord
Ellenborough, and a special jury, at Guildhall, London, 27th
July, 1808 : taken in short hand.
IMPRINT London : W. Wilson, 1808.
CALL # K645.C6 M25.

AUTHOR Cooke, defendant.
TITLE The trial of Mr. Cooke, malt distiller, of Stratford : for the
crime of adultery with Mrs. Walford, wife of Mr. Walford, of
the same place ...
IMPRINT London : Printed for M. Lewis ... and M. Symonds, 1789.
CALL # K645.C1 C771.
AUTHOR Gordon, Robert.
TITLE The trial of Robert Gordon for adultery with Mrs. Biscoe, wife of
the plantiff, Joseph Seymour Biscoe : efore Lord Chief Justice
Kenyon and a special jury.
IMPRINT England : s.n., 1795?]
CALL # K645.C1 G658.

AUTHOR Altham, James, b. 1731 or 2.
TITLE The trial of the Rev. Mr. James Altham : of Harlow, in the County
of Essex : Vicar of St. Olave Jewry, Rector of St. Martin,
Iron-monger-Lane and one of His Majesty's justices of the peace
for the County of Essex : for adultery, defamation and
obscenity ...
IMPRINT London : Printed for G. Lister, 1785.
CALL # K645.C6 AL79.

AUTHOR Weller, John.
TITLE An act to dissolve the marriage of John Weller, Esquire, with
Charlotte Wilson, his now wife, and to enable him to marry
again : and for other purposes therein mentioned.
IMPRINT [London? : s.n., 1764?]
CALL # K645.C1 W458.

AUTHOR Caroline, Queen, consort of George IV, King of Great Britain,
TITLE The book, or, Delicate investigation ... into the conduct of Her
Royal Highness the Princess of Wales : under a Commission,
appointed by the King, before Lords Erskine, Spencer,
Grenville, and Ellenborough ...
IMPRINT Edinburgh : Printed for James Sawers, 1813.
CALL # K 645 C6 W148.

AUTHOR Adolphus, John, 1768-1845.
TITLE A correct, full, and impartial report, of the trial of Her
Majesty Caroline, Queen Consort of Great Britain, before the
House of Peers, on the bill of pains and penalties : with
authentic particulars, embracing every circumstance connected
with, and illustrative of, the subject of this momentous event
interspersed with original letters, and other curious and
interesting documents, not generally known, and never before
published, including, at large, Her Majesty's defence / the
whole collected, arranged, and edited by J.H. Adolphus.
IMPRINT Buffalo, N.Y. : Hein, 2001.
CALL # KD376.C37 C37 1820R.

TITLE Crim. con. : actions and trials and other legal proceedings
relating to marriage before the passing of the present Divorce
IMPRINT London : [s.n.], [n.d.]
CALL # K644.C6 Ac85.

AUTHOR Longueville, Thomas, 1844-1922.
TITLE The curious case of Lady Purbeck : a scandal of the XVIIth
century / by the author of "The life of Kenelm Digby" ... [et
IMPRINT London : Longmans, Green, and Co., 1909.
CALL # KD379.P8 L6 1909.

AUTHOR Knight, Henry.
TITLE Henry Knight, Esq. against Catherine Knight : libel given in the
17th of May, 1770.
IMPRINT England : s.n., 1770.
CALL # K645.C1 K744.

AUTHOR Lewis, Hugh.
TITLE Libel given in the 3d of May, 1771 : [divorce case for adultery].
CALL # K645.C1 L586.

AUTHOR Middelton, William, b. 1759?
TITLE Middelton versus Rose : a report of an action brought in His
Majesty's Court of King's Bench, by John Middelton, of
Stockeld-Park, Esq. against John Rose, his groom, for criminal
conversation with Clara Louisa Middelton / taken in short hand
by J.H. Blanchard. With explanatory notes.
IMPRINT London : Printed for G.G. and J. Robinson, 1795.
CALL # K 645.C1 M584.

AUTHOR Paull, James, 1770-1808.
TITLE Plain letter to His Royal Highness the Prince of Wales, upon his
plain duties to himself, his wife, his child, and to the nation
: as such duties arise out of the late investigation of the
conduct of the Princess of Wales.
IMPRINT London : Sold by Colburn, Keygill, and E. Wilson, [1806].
CALL # K645.C6 W148 2.

AUTHOR Gambier, James, 1723-1789.
TITLE The proceedings on the trial of Captain G[ambier] late of his
Majesty's ship the Severn : for crim. con. with Ad[mira]l
K[nowle]s's lady : tried Court of King's Bench Guildhall by a
special jury, on Saturday the eleventh day of June 1757.
IMPRINT London : H. Owen, 1757.
CALL # K645.C1 K761 2.

AUTHOR Gambier, James, 1723-1789.
TITLE The proceedings on the trial of Captain G[ambier] late of his
Majesty's ship the Severn : on an action on the case wherein
the damages sued for was 10,000 l. for crim. con. with Ad---1
K---s's lady : which was tried in the Court of King's Bench at
Guildhall, by a special jury, on Saturday the eleventh day of
June 1757.
IMPRINT London : Printed for H. Owen, 1757.
CALL # K645.C1 K761.

AUTHOR Hodges, Anthony, fl. 1791, plaintiff.
TITLE The remarkable trial for adultery of the Hon. C. Wyndham : for
adultery with the wife of Anthony Hodges ... in Westminster
Hall, 24 February 1791.
IMPRINT [S.l. : s.n., 1791?]
CALL # K 645 C6 W991.

Monday, January 23, 2006


There are two new Westlaw databases related to trial advocacy:

Database Name: DRI HIPAA Best Practices for Defense Lawyers

Database Identifier: DRI-HIPAA

May 2005 edition.
Content Highlights:

Articles from the 2005 DRI HIPAA Best Practices for Defense Lawyers.


Database Name: Pennsylvania Jury Instruction Filings

Database Identifier: PA-JIF-CIV

Includes jury instruction filings for selected cases beginning with 2002. A limited number of documents for earlier years are available.
Content Highlights:

Text of actual jury instructions submitted and filed with the state and federal trial courts in Pennsylvania.

Friday, January 20, 2006


There is an article by Latour "LT" Laferty in 28 American Journal of Trial Advocacy 517-529 titled 'Leadership in Trial Advocacy: Credibility is a Cornerstone of Effective Trial Advocacy'. The author remarks that as persuasive influence is the goal of a trial lawyer, leadership is key to credibility and persuasiveness. Leadership is a matter of the study of leadership skills, a matter of personal growth.

Monday, January 09, 2006


In the Jan. 6, 2006 volume of the online Trial Tips Newsletter , Elliott Wilcox informs us of an upcoming tele-seminar "Getting Jurors to Talk: Tips to Improve Your Jury Selection." It will be held Friday 27, 2006 at 3:00 for one hour. Further information to come.