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Monday, December 08, 2008

Recent Library Acquisitions from November 2008


CALL # KD1715 .S57 2007.
AUTHOR Singh, Dalvinder, 1970-
TITLE Banking regulation of UK and US financial markets / Dalvinder
IMPRINT Aldershot, England ; Burlington, VT : Ashgate, c2007.

CALL # HG2491 .C348 2006.
AUTHOR Calomiris, Charles W.
TITLE U.S. bank deregulation in historical perspective / Charles W.
IMPRINT Cambridge : Cambridge University Press, 2006

CALL # QA76.2.P38 L3 2008 DVD.
TITLE The last lecture [videorecording] : a love story for your life /
ABC News ; producer: Geoff Martz.
IMPRINT [New York, N. Y.] : ABC News, c2008.

CALL # KF224.J36 S65 2008.
AUTHOR Smith, Abbe.
TITLE Case of a lifetime : a criminal defense lawyer's story / Abbe
IMPRINT New York : Palgrave Macmillan, 2008.

CALL # KF9323 .R44 2008.
AUTHOR Reinig, Emily.
TITLE State secrecy and child deaths in the U. S. : an evaluation of
public disclosure practices about child abuse and neglect
fatalities or near fatalities, with state rankings / Emily
Reinig, principal investigator and author.
IMPRINT San Diego, CA : Children's Advocacy Institute of the University
of San Diego School of Law, c2008.

CALL # HF3837 .C43 2007.
TITLE The China business handbook 2007.
IMPRINT London : Alain Charles Pub., c2007.

Civil Practice
CALL # KFP530 .S75 2009.
AUTHOR Stefanoni, Lisa.
TITLE Pennsylvania civil practice handbook : state and federal courts /
by Lisa Stefanoni.
IMPRINT Philadelphia, PA : George T. Bisel, c2009.

Civil Rights
CALL # E185.9 .S95 2008.
AUTHOR Sugrue, Thomas J., 1962-
TITLE Sweet land of liberty : the forgotten struggle for civil rights
in the North / Thomas J. Sugrue.
IMPRINT New York : Random House, c2008.

Constitutional Law
CALL # KF4770 .T73 2008.
AUTHOR Tsai, Robert L., 1971-
TITLE Eloquence and reason : creating a First Amendment culture /
Robert L. Tsai.
IMPRINT New Haven : Yale University Press, c2008

Constitutional Law
CALL # KF8719 .M67 2008.
TITLE The most dangerous branch : the judicial assault on American
culture / edited by Edward B. McLean.
IMPRINT Lanham : University Press of America, c2008.

Constitutional Law
CALL # KF8840 .F37 2009.
AUTHOR Farber, Daniel A., 1950-
TITLE Judgment calls : principle and politics in constitutional law /
Daniel A. Farber and Suzanna Sherry.
IMPRINT Oxford ; New York : Oxford University Press, 2009

Constitutional Law
CALL # KF9630 .C53 2008.
AUTHOR Clancy, Thomas K.
TITLE The Fourth Amendment : its history and interpretation / Thomas K.
IMPRINT Durham, N.C. : Carolina Academic Press, c2008.

CALL # KF6499.M4 G562 2008b.
AUTHOR Ginsburg, Martin D., 1932-
TITLE Mergers, acquisitions, and buyouts : a transactional analysis of
the governing tax, legal, and accounting considerations /
Martin D. Ginsburg, Jack S. Levin.
IMPRINT Frederick, MD : Aspen Publishers, c2008.

Criminal Law
CALL # KF9660 .C57 2008.
AUTHOR Cissell, James C.
TITLE Federal criminal trials / James Cissell.
IMPRINT Newark, NJ : LexisNexis, c2008.

Criminal Law
CALL # KF9329 .C367 2009.
AUTHOR Caringella, Susan.
TITLE Addressing rape reform in law and practice / Susan Caringella.
IMPRINT New York : Columbia University Press, c2009.

Cultural Property
CALL # K3791.A42003 .B53 2006.
AUTHOR Blake, Janet, senior lecturer in law.
TITLE Commentary on the 2003 UNESCO Convention on the Safeguarding of
the Intangible Cultural Heritage / Janet Blake.
IMPRINT Leicester [England] : Institute of Art and Law, 2006

Cultural Property
CALL # KF4310 .K56 2008.
AUTHOR King, Thomas F.
TITLE Cultural resource laws & practice / Thomas F. King.
IMPRINT Lanham, MD : AltaMira Press, c2008.

CALL # KF8902.E42 C64.
AUTHOR Cohen, Adam I., 1968-
TITLE Electronic discovery : law and practice / Adam I. Cohen, David J.
IMPRINT New York : Aspen Publishers, c2004-

Due Diligence
CALL # HD2746.5 .H7 2006.
AUTHOR Howson, Peter, 1957-
TITLE Commercial due diligence : the key to understanding value in an
acquisition / Peter Howson.
IMPRINT Aldershot, Hants, England ; Burlington, VT : Gower, c2006.

CALL # LC212.92 .C67 2008.
AUTHOR Corbett, Christianne.
TITLE Where the girls are : the facts about gender equity in
education / Christianne Corbett, Catherine Hill, Andresse St.
IMPRINT Washington, DC : AAUW, c2008

Environmental Law
CALL # HV553 .D5 2008.
TITLE Disaster risk management systems analysis : a guide book /
Stephan Baas ... [et al.].
IMPRINT Rome : FAO, 2008.

CALL # KJE947 .K333 2009.
AUTHOR Kaczorowska, Alina.
TITLE European Union law / Alina Kaczorowska.
IMPRINT London ; New York : Routledge-Cavendish, 2009.

CALL # K1094 .W66 2007.
AUTHOR Wood, Philip R.
TITLE Project finance, securitisations, subordinated debt / by Philip R
IMPRINT London : Sweet & Maxwell, 2007.

CALL # HB3722 .P36 2009.
TITLE Panic : the story of modern financial insanity / [edited by]
Michael Lewis.
IMPRINT New York : W.W. Norton, c2009.

CALL # KF3531.A319 F36 2006.
TITLE The Family and Medical Leave Act / editors-in-chief, Michael J.
Ossip, Robert M. Hale ; associate editors, Gail V. Coleman,
Indira Talwani.
IMPRINT Washington, DC : Bureau of National Affairs, c2006.

CALL # BF 575.H27 2005 DVD.
TITLE How happy can you be? [videorecording] / presented by First Run/
Icarus Films ; a film by Line Hatland.
IMPRINT Brooklyn, NY : First Run/Icarus Films, c2005.

Human Rights
CALL # KZ6374 .H39 2007.
AUTHOR Häussler, Ulf.
TITLE Ensuring and enforcing human security : the practice of
international peace missions : legal framework, military
operations, political ramifications / Ulf Häussler ; with a
foreword by Elspeth Guild.
IMPRINT Nijmegen, The Netherlands : Wolf Legal Publishers, c2007.

Human Rights
CALL # KU2095 .L33 2008.
AUTHOR Lacey, Wendy.
TITLE Implementing human rights norms : judicial discretion & use of
unincorporated conventions / Wendy Lacey.
IMPRINT Adelaide, South Australia : Presidian Legal Publications, 2008.

Human Rights
CALL # BT738.15 .N49 2006.
AUTHOR Newlands, G. M., 1941-
TITLE Christ and human rights : the transformative engagement / George
IMPRINT Aldershot, England ; Burlington, VT : Ashgate, c2006.

CALL # KF4710.Z9 N37 2008.
TITLE Naturalization and U.S. citizenship : the essential legal guide /
the Immigrant Legal Resource Center.
IMPRINT San Francisco, Calif. : Immigrant Legal Resource Center, c2008.

CALL# KF4819 .G85 2008.
TITLE A guide for immigration advocates / written by the Immigrant
Legal Resource Center.
IMPRINT San Francisco, Calif. : Immigrant Legal Resource Center, c 2008.

Intellectual Property
CALL # KF3035 .R67 2008.
AUTHOR Rosen, Ronald S.
TITLE Music and copyright / Ronald S. Rosen.
IMPRINT Oxford ; New York : Oxford University Press, c2008.

Intellectual Property
CALL # KF3106.3 .P38 2008.
AUTHOR Chisum, Donald S., 1944-
TITLE Patent law digest : abstracts of Supreme Court and federal court
decisions 1982-2007 / Donald S. Chisum.
IMPRINT Newark, NJ : LexisNexis, c2008

Intellectual Property
CALL # KF3020 .L47 2008.
AUTHOR Lessig, Lawrence.
TITLE Remix : making art and commerce thrive in the hybrid economy /
Lawrence Lessig.
IMPRINT New York : Penguin Press, 2008.

Intellectual Property
CALL # KF6699 .T732 2007.
AUTHOR Trainer, Timothy P., 1953-
TITLE Protecting intellectual property rights across borders / Timothy
P. Trainer, Vicki E. Allums.
IMPRINT [St. Paul, MN] : Thomson/West, c2007.

Intellectual Property
CALL # KF3120 .M36 2008.
TITLE Manual of patent examining procedure.
IMPRINT St. Paul, Minn. : Thomson/West, 2008.

Intellectual Property
CALL # KF3145 .L53 2005.
TITLE Licensing intellectual property in the information age / Kenneth
L. Port ... [et al.].
IMPRINT Durham, N.C. : Carolina Academic Press, c2005.

International Business Law
CALL # KF299.I5 S74 2008.
AUTHOR Steiger, David A., 1965-
TITLE The globalized lawyer : secrets to managing outsourcing, joint
ventures, and other cross-border transactions / by David A.
IMPRINT [Chicago] : American Bar Association, 2008.

International Finance
CALL # HB75 .F45 2008.
AUTHOR Ferguson, Niall.
TITLE The ascent of money : a financial history of the world / Niall
IMPRINT New York : Penguin Press, 2008.

International Investment Law
CALL # K3830 .S88 2008.
AUTHOR Suved{229}i, S{229}uryapras{229}ada, 1957-
TITLE International investment law : reconciling policy and principle /
Surya P. Subedi.
IMPRINT Oxford ; Portland, Or. : Hart, 2008.

International Law
CALL # K7310 .P36 2000.
AUTHOR Panagopoulos, George.
TITLE Restitution in private international law / George Panagopoulos.
IMPRINT Oxford [England] ; Portland, Or. : Hart Pub., 2000

International Law
CALL # KZ6745 .B45 2008.
AUTHOR Bell, Christine, 1967-
TITLE On the law of peace : peace agreements and the lex
pacificatoria / Christine Bell.
IMPRINT Oxford : Oxford University Press, c2008.

International Law
CALL # JZ6369 .F65 2008.
AUTHOR Foley, Conor.
TITLE The thin blue line : how humanitarianism went to war / Conor
IMPRINT London ; New York : Verso, 2008.

International Law
CALL # KZ1251 .H33 2007.
CONFERENCE HAC Conference (4th : 2007 : Hague, Netherlands)
TITLE Culture and international law / edited by Paul Meerts.
IMPRINT Hague : Hague Academic Press/T.M.C. Asser Press ; West Nyack,
NY : Cambridge University Press [distributor], 2008.

International Law
CALL # KZ3410 .I573 2008.
TITLE International governance and law : state regulation and non-state
law / edited by Hanneke van Schooten and Johathan Verschuuren.
IMPRINT Cheltenham : Edward Elgar, c2008.

Internet Law
CALL # KF390.5.C6 D45 2009.
AUTHOR Delta, George B., 1957-
TITLE Law of the Internet / George B. Delta, Jeffrey H. Matsuura.
IMPRINT Frederick, MD : Aspen Publishers, c2009.

Judaic law
CALL # KBM955.4 .G36 2008.
AUTHOR Gamoran, Hillel, 1929-
TITLE Jewish law in transition : how economic forces overcame the
prohibition against lending on interest / Hillel Gamoran.
IMPRINT Cincinnati : Hebrew Union College Press ; Detroit, MI :
Distributed by Wayne State University Press, c2008.

CALL # KF4600 .M358 2008.
AUTHOR McGarity, Thomas O.
TITLE The preemption war : when federal bureaucracies trump local
juries / Thomas O. McGarity.
IMPRINT New Haven : Yale University Press, c2008.

CALL # K240 .W65 2008.
AUTHOR Wolcher, Louis E.
TITLE Law's task : the tragic circle of law, justice, and human
suffering / by Louis E. Wolcher.
IMPRINT Burlington, VT : Ashgate, c2008.

CALL # K230.E49 A35 2008.
AUTHOR Eleutheriad{229}es, Paulos Z.
TITLE Legal rights / Pavlos Eleftheriadis.
IMPRINT Oxford ; New York : Oxford University Press, 2008.

CALL # K235 .L434 2008.
TITLE The legacy of H.L.A. Hart : legal, political, and moral
philosophy / edited by Matthew H. Kramer ... [et al.].
IMPRINT Oxford ; New York : Oxford University Press, 2008.

Legal Ethics
CALL # KF306 .M36 2008.
AUTHOR Markovits, Daniel, 1969-
TITLE A modern legal ethics : adversary advocacy in a democratic age /
Daniel Markovits.
IMPRINT Princeton, N.J. : Princeton University Press, c2008.

Legal Ethics
CALL # KFN5076.5.A2 A73 2008.
AUTHOR Abel, Richard L.
TITLE Lawyers in the dock : learning from attorney disciplinary
proceedings / Richard L. Abel.
IMPRINT New York : Oxford University Press, c2008.

Legal History
CALL # KD7540 .M37 2008.
AUTHOR Masschaele, James, 1961-
TITLE Jury, state, and society in medieval England / James Masschaele.
IMPRINT New York : Palgrave Macmillan, 2008.

Legal History
CALL # KD621.B58 P74 2008.
AUTHOR Prest, Wilfrid R.
TITLE William Blackstone : law and letters in the eighteenth century /
Wilfrid Prest.
IMPRINT Oxford : Oxford University Press, 2008.

Legal Humor
CALL # K184 .S34 2008.
AUTHOR Seidemann, Joel J.
TITLE Guilty by reason of stupidity / Joel J. Seidemann.
IMPRINT Kansas City, Missouri : Andrews McMeel

CALL # KF425 .C76 2009.
AUTHOR Cross, Frank B.
TITLE The theory and practice of statutory interpretation / Frank B.
IMPRINT Stanford, Calif. : Stanford Law Books, 2009.

CALL # KF1 .M28 2008.
AUTHOR Manz, William H.
TITLE Guide to state legislation, legislative history, and
administrative materials / William H. Manz.
IMPRINT Buffalo, N.Y. : William S. Hein & Co., Inc., 2008.

Medical Jurisprudence
CALL # KF224.B83 L66 2008.
AUTHOR Lombardo, Paul A.
TITLE Three generations, no imbeciles : eugenics, the Supreme Court,
and Buck v. Bell / Paul A. Lombardo.
IMPRINT Baltimore : Johns Hopkins University Press

Military Law
CALL # KF7661 .E47 2008.
AUTHOR Elsea, Jennifer.
TITLE Military Commissions Act of 2006 : analyses / Jennifer K. Elsea.
IMPRINT New York : Novinka Books, c2008.

Mutual Funds
CALL # HG4530 .F527 2008.
AUTHOR Fink, Matthew P.
TITLE The rise of mutual funds : an insider's view / Matthew P. Fink.
IMPRINT New York : Oxford University Press, 2008

CALL # K938 .F45 2008.
AUTHOR Feldthusen, Bruce, 1949-
TITLE Economic negligence : the recovery of pure economic loss / Bruce
IMPRINT Scarborough, Ont. : Thomson Carswell, c2008.

CALL # HV97.A3 F54 2007.
AUTHOR Fleishman, Joel L.
TITLE The foundation : a great American secret : how private wealth is
changing the world / Joel L. Fleishman.
IMPRINT New York : PublicAffairs, c2007.

Pretrial Litigation
CALL # KF8900 .H433 2008.
AUTHOR Haydock, Roger S.
TITLE Fundamentals of pretrial litigation / by Roger S. Haydock, David
F. Herr, Jeffrey W. Stempel.
IMPRINT St. Paul, Minn. : Thomson/West, c2008.

Public Interest
CALL # KF1600 .M68 2009.
AUTHOR Morriss, Andrew P., 1960-
TITLE Regulation by litigation / Andrew P. Morriss, Bruce Yandle,
Andrew Dorchak.
IMPRINT New Haven [Conn.] : Yale University Press, c2009.

CALL # KF4865 .C66 2009.
AUTHOR Conkle, Daniel O.
TITLE Constitutional law : the religion clauses / by Daniel O. Conkle.
IMPRINT New York : Foundation Press ; [St. Paul, MN] : Thompson/West,

South Africa
CALL # KTL2722 .C68 2008 DVD.
TITLE Courting justice [videorecording] / created by Ruth B. Cowan and
directed by Jane Lipman.
IMPRINT [New York] : Luna Films, c2008.

Supreme Court
CALL # KF8745.T48 M47 2007.
AUTHOR Merida, Kevin.
TITLE Supreme discomfort : the divided soul of Clarence Thomas / Kevin
Merida and Michael A. Fletcher.
IMPRINT New York : Doubleday, c2007.

Supreme Court
CALL # KF8742 .B743 2007.
AUTHOR Bronner, Ethan.
TITLE Battle for justice : how the Bork nomination shook America /
Ethan Bronner.
IMPRINT New York, NY : Union Square Press, 2007.

CALL # KF6276.62008 .A2 2008.
TITLE Tax legislation 2008 : Emergency Economic Stabilization Act of
2008 (P.L. 110-343) as signed by the President on October 3,
2008 : law, explanation and analysis.
IMPRINT Chicago, IL : CCH, c2008.

CALL # K3240 .F594 2008.
AUTHOR Fletcher, George P.
TITLE Tort liability for human rights abuses / George P. Fletcher.
IMPRINT Oxford ; Portland, Or. : Hart, 2008.

CALL # KF1257 .O263 2008.
AUTHOR O'Connell, Jeffrey.
TITLE A recipe for balanced tort reform : early offers with swift
settlements / Jeffrey O'Connell, Christopher J. Robinette.
IMPRINT Durham, N.C. : Carolina Academic Press, c2008.

Trade Regulation
CALL # HB501 .B742 2008.
AUTHOR Braithwaite, John.
TITLE Regulatory capitalism : how it works, ideas for making it work
better / John Braithwaite ; with a foreword by David Levi-Faur.
IMPRINT Cheltenham, UK ; Northampton, MA : Edward Elgar, c2008.

CALL # KF226 .Z38 2008.
AUTHOR Zausner, Robert, 1953-
TITLE Two boys, divided by fortune, united by tragedy : a true story of
the pursuit of justice / Robert Zausner.
IMPRINT Philadelphia, PA : Camino Books, 2008

CALL # HQ1206 .F35 2004.
AUTHOR Fels, Anna.
TITLE Necessary dreams : ambition in women's changing lives / Anna
IMPRINT New York : Anchor Books, 2004.

CALL # HD57.7 .E55 2005.
TITLE Enlightened power : how women are transforming the practice of
leadership / Linda Coughlin, Ellen Wingard, Keith Hollihan,
IMPRINT San Francisco : Jossey-Bass, c2005.

CALL # K4610 .R36 2008.
AUTHOR Ramli, Intan Murnira.
TITLE Development and the rule of law in the WTO : the case for
developing countries and their use of dispute settlement
procedures / Intan Murnira Ramli.
IMPRINT London : Cameron May, 2008.