Monday, January 08, 2007


AUTHOR Nelson, Sharon D.
TITLE The electronic evidence and discovery handbook : forms,
checklists, and guidelines / Sharon D. Nelson, Bruce A. Olson,
John W. Simek.
IMPRINT Chicago, Ill. : ABA Law Practice Management Section, c2006

CALL # KF8965 .P66 2006.
AUTHOR Pope, Kenneth S.
TITLE The MMPI, MMPI-2 & MMPI-A in court : a practical guide for expert
witnesses and attorneys / Kenneth S. Pope, James N. Butcher,
and Joyce Seelen.
IMPRINT Washington, DC : American Psychological Association, 2006.

CALL # KF3464 .O52 2006.
AUTHOR Oncidi, Anthony J.
TITLE Employment discrimination depositions : law, strategy and sample
depositions / Anthony J. Oncidi, Brett Thomas.
IMPRINT [New York] : Juris Publishing, 2001-

CALL # KF8900.
AUTHOR Nichols, John F.
TITLE Family law depositions / John F. Nichols, Sr., Joe Phillips.
IMPRINT Huntington, NY : Juris Publishing, c2006-

CALL # KF8900 .B86.
AUTHOR Brophy, Michael D.
TITLE Medical malpractice depositions / Michael D. Brophy.
IMPRINT Huntington, NY : Juris Publishing, c2006-

CALL # KF8900 .N495.
AUTHOR Nichols, John F.
TITLE Personal injury depositions / John F. Nichols, Sr., Joe Phillips.
IMPRINT Huntington, NY : Juris Publishing, c2006-

CALL # KF8900 .D46.
TITLE Deposition strategy, law and forms.
IMPRINT Yonkers, NY : Juris Pub., 1981-

CALL # KF8915 .F54 2005.
AUTHOR Fine, Ralph Adam, 1941-
TITLE The how-to-win trial manual : winning trial-advocacy in a
nutshell : including a "test yourself" practice session (with
the answers) / by Ralph Adam Fine.
IMPRINT [Yonkers, N.Y.] : Juris Pub., c2005.

CALL # KF8900 .S35 2006.
AUTHOR Schaeffer, T. Evan.
TITLE Deposition checklists and strategies / T. Evan Schaeffer.
IMPRINT Costa Mesa, CA : James Publishing, 2006

CALL # KFN1880 .N4 v.42 2006.
AUTHOR Allcorn, S. Robert.
TITLE Discovery / by S. Robert Allcorn.
IMPRINT [Eagan, Minn.] : Thomson West, c2006


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