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Temple Law Library has an extensive collection of old trials. Following are reports of the trial of Caroline, Queen consort of George IV with 2 more recent accounts.

AUTHOR Bowman, William Dodgson.
TITLE The divorce case of Queen Caroline : an account of the reign of
George IV and the King's relations with other women / by Wm.
Dodgson Bowman.
IMPRINT London : George Routledge & Sons, Ltd., 1930.
CALL # KD379.C3 B6 1930.

AUTHOR Wyndham, Horace, b. 1875.
TITLE Crimes in high life; some society causes c{226}el{225}ebres, by Horace
IMPRINT New York, Dodd, Mead, 1927.
CALL # KD370 .W86 1927.

AUTHOR Caroline, Queen, consort of George IV, King of Great Britain,
TITLE An accurate report of the trial of Her Most Gracious Majesty
Queen Caroline, before the House of Lords on a bill of pains
and penalties : charging Her Majesty with criminal intercourse
with a foreigner name Bartolomo Bergami.
IMPRINT Dublin : Printed by C. Crookes, 1820.
CALL # K645.C6 C221 2.

AUTHOR Caroline, Queen, consort of George IV, King of Great Britain,
TITLE A correct, full, and impartial report, of the trial of Her
Majesty, Caroline, queen consort of Great Britain, before the
House of peers; on the bill of pains and penalties; with
authentic particulars, embracing every circumstance connected
with, and illustrative of, the subject of this momentous event,
interspersed with original letters, and other curious and
interesting documents, not generally known, and never before
published, including, at large, Her Majesty's defence. The
whole collected, arranged, and edited by J. H. Adolphus, esq.
IMPRINT London : Jones and co., 1820.
CALL # K645.C6 C221 3.

AUTHOR Caroline, Queen, consort of George IV, King of Great Britain,
TITLE A full report of the trial of Her Majesty Caroline Amelia
Elizabeth, Queen of England, before the peers of Great
Britain : the whole of the evidence, as it came out on the
various examinations and cross-examinations of the witnesses :
the speeches and proceedings of the peers : the opinions of the
judges : the arguments of counsel on points of law, and the
practice, of various tribunals : the whole arranged for Dolby's
parliamentary register, of which work it forms a part : but,
being complete in itself, it is intended also to be bound
separately for those who do not continue the Register.
IMPRINT London : T. Dolby, 1820.
CALL # K645.C6 C221 4.

AUTHOR Paull, James, 1770-1808.
TITLE Plain letter to His Royal Highness the Prince of Wales, upon his
plain duties to himself, his wife, his child, and to the nation
: as such duties arise out of the late investigation of the
conduct of the Princess of Wales.
IMPRINT London : Sold by Colburn, Keygill, and E. Wilson, [1806].
CALL # K645.C6 W148 2.

AUTHOR Caroline, Queen, consort of George IV, King of Great Britain,
TITLE The trial at large of Her Majesty Caroline Amelia Elizabeth,
Queen of Great Britain : in the House of Lords, on charges of
adulterous intercourse : containing a full and accurate detail
of the evidence of the witnesses, the speeches of counsel, and
all other proceedings in this extraordinary trial : the
examination of the witnesses, and the documentary testimony,
printed verbatim from the authenticated journals of the House
of Peers : the whole illustrated by explanatory notes, and
embellished with faithful and highly-finished portraits, &c.
IMPRINT London : Printed for T. Kelly, 1821.
CALL # K645.C6 C221.


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