Tuesday, February 06, 2007


CALL # KF1264 .W56.
AUTHOR Winer, John D.
TITLE Proving mental & emotional injuries / John D. Winer, Richard B.
Pesikoff, Richard T. Goldberg ; contributing authors, Rahn
Kennedy Bailey, Maria Hipolito, Alexis McKenna.
IMPRINT Costa Mesa, CA : James Pub. Inc., c2005-

CALL # KD8364 .H67 2006.
AUTHOR Hostettler, John.
TITLE Fighting for justice : the history and origins of adversary trial
/ John Hostettler.
IMPRINT Winchester, UK : Waterside Press ; Portland, Or. : Sole North
American distributors, International Specialised Book Services, 2006.

CALL # KFN1880 .N4 VOL.47.
AUTHOR Greenberg, William S.
TITLE Civil trial handbook / by William S. Greenberg. John E. Flaherty.
IMPRINT St. Paul, Minn. : Thomson/West , 2006.


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