Wednesday, November 02, 2005


This past weekend in Akron, Ohio, Temple Law School's National
Trial Team won NITA's prestigious National Invitational
Tournament of Champions for an unprecedented fourth time.
The team is composed of Miriam Edelstein, Jessica Dumas, Justin Oshana and Mia Roberts. The win was Temple's second national invitational championship of the fall season.

In winning its fourth Tournament of Champions in the last ten years, the team defeated the following fifteen
schools: Akron, Buffalo, Denver, Georgetown, Harvard,
Houston, Loyola of Chicago, Loyola of Los Angeles,
Northwestern, Stetson, South Texas, Suffolk, Syracuse,
University of North Carolina, University of Washington and
Washington University--St.Louis.

Justin Oshana also won the "Best Advocate in the
Final Round" Award.

The team was coached by Professor Maureen
McCartney, Director of Trial Advocacy Programs and Elizabeth Lippy,Esq. (Rubin, Glickman & Steinberg)


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