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Temple Law Library has an extensive collection of old trials. Here is a sampling on libel trials.

AUTHOR Williams, Charles J. B. (Charles James Blasius), 1805-1889.
TITLE Authentic narrative of the case of the late Earl St. Maur / by
Charles J.B. Williams ; with the short-hand notes of the
retractation and apology [of the Duke and Duchess of Somerset]
IMPRINT London : Longmans, Green, 1870.
CALL # KD379 .W55 1870.

AUTHOR Stockdale, John Joseph, 1770-1847.
TITLE Copy of the short-hand writer's notes of the proceedings in the
case of Stockdale vs. Hansard : (in the Court of Queen's
IMPRINT [London : s.n.], 1839.
CALL # K645.L5 St62.

AUTHOR Stovin, James.
TITLE Defamation : a report of the proceedings in the case of the Rev.
Jas. Stovin, D. D. and Eleanor Charlotte, his wife,
plaintiffs : and Dame Caroline Shuckburgh, defendant : tried
before Mr. Justice Bayley and a special jury at the Glocester
Assizes. August 16, 1822 / from notes taken in court, by a
short hand writer.
IMPRINT Glocester : D. Walker, 1822.
CALL # RB TR 20 ST76 1822.

AUTHOR Burdett, Francis, Sir, 1770-1844.
TITLE A full and accurate report of the trial of Sir Francis Burdett :
on an ex-officio information, at Leicester, on Thursday, March
23, 1820, before Mr. Justice Best and a special jury, on a
charge of libel alleged to be contained in a letter written by
the Hon. Baronet on the 22d August last, addressed to the
electors of Westminster, respecting the transactions at
IMPRINT London : Printed by Taylor ... published by Walker ... , [1820]
CALL # K645.L5 B897.

TITLE A full and accurate report of the trials of the editor and
proprietor of the Birmingham Monthly Argus and public censor :
upon indictments, preferred by William Weston and the Rev.
George Montgomery West ...
IMPRINT Birmingham : John Allday, [1834?]
CALL # K645.L5 AL52.

AUTHOR Chew, S. J.
TITLE Full report of the trial Chew versus Duke : for libel and
slander, at the Warwick assizes, August 1859 ..
IMPRINT Birmingham : Printed for G.G. Mason, by James Upton, [1859]
CALL # K645.L5 C428.

AUTHOR Dean, Joseph, 1921-
TITLE Hatred, ridicule or contempt; a book of libel cases.
IMPRINT London, Constable [1953]
CALL # KD371.L5 D4 1953.

AUTHOR Foote, G. W. (George William), 1850-1915.
TITLE Law of blasphemous libel : summing up in case / Revised and with
preface by Lord Chief Justice of England [Sir John Duke
IMPRINT London : Stevens & Sons, 1883.
CALL # K 645 L5 F739.

AUTHOR Father of Candor, pseud.
TITLE A letter concerning libels, warrants, the seizure of papers, and
sureties for the peace or behaviour : with a view to some late
proceedings, and the defence of them by the majority.
IMPRINT London : Printed for J. Almon ..., 1765.
CALL # RB T .A452 1765.

TITLE Macmillan and another vs. Nursing press, limited, and others : In
the High court of justice, King's bench division. Royal courts
of justice, London, Tuesday, March 14, 1916, before Mr. Justice
Ridley and a special jury.
IMPRINT London : Proprietors of "The Hospital, 1916.
CALL # K 645 L5 M228.

AUTHOR Matthews Brothers.
TITLE Matthews Brothers versus Moore, Crocker, & Burgess : before Mr.
Justice Lush and a special jury ....
IMPRINT London : [s.n., 1868?]
CALL # K 645 L5 M432.

AUTHOR Stevens, Charles H.
TITLE Medical evidence given in the consumption cure libel action :
Stevens v. the British Medical Association.
IMPRINT [S.l. : s.n., 1912?]
CALL # K645.L5 ST47.

AUTHOR Wilde, Oscar, 1854-1900.
TITLE Oscar Wilde : three times tried.
IMPRINT London : Ferrestone Press, [1920?]
CALL # K645.C6 W644.

AUTHOR Grey, George Henry.
TITLE Proceedings, including original correspondence, official
documents, exhibits, and duly attested and authenticated as
correct extracts from the record of the Court of Justice. At
the Cape of Good Hope, in a criminal process for a libel
instituted at the suit of H.G. Grey and by order of Earl of
Caldeaon against Laurence Halloran.
IMPRINT London : T. Harper, 1811.
CALL # K 645 L5 H158.

AUTHOR Bogle, Allan George.
TITLE Report of the trial of the action, Bogle versus Lawson, for a
libel published in "The Times" London-newspaper, tried at the
summer assizes for the county of Surrey, held at Croydon,
Monday, August 16, 1841 ... : together with the proceedings of
a public meeting of merchants, bankers, and others, held ...
Friday, October 1, 1841 on the subject of such action, and of
the committee then appointed; and also a list of subscribers to
"The Times" testimonial ... / edited, and with a preface, by W.
Hughes Hughes ...
IMPRINT London : J. Hatchard, 1841.
CALL # K645.L5 B634.

AUTHOR Sutton and Ash.
TITLE Report of the trial of the action Sutton & Ash v Charles Shaw ...
IMPRINT London : Simpkin, Marshall, 1850.
CALL # K 645 L5 SU87.

AUTHOR Hone, William, 1780-1842, defendant.
TITLE The second trial of William Hone, on an ex-officio information :
at Guildhall, London, December 19, 1817, before Lord
Ellenborough and a special jury, for publishing a parody, with
an alleged intent to ridicule the litany, and libel the Prince
Regent, the House of Lords, and the House of Commons.
IMPRINT London : Printed by and for William Hone ..., 1817.
CALL # K 645 L5 H756 5.

AUTHOR Foster, H. S.
TITLE Secrets of company-promoting : a verbatim report of the libel
action brought by Mr. H. S. Foster, M.P. against "The
Westminster Gazette".
IMPRINT London : Westminster Gazette Office, 1894.
CALL # K 645 L5 F813.

AUTHOR Hyde, H. Montgomery (Harford Montgomery), 1907-
TITLE Their good names: twelve cases of libel and slander with some
introductory reflections on the law, by H. Montgomery Hyde.
IMPRINT London, Hamilton, 1970.
CALL # KD371.L5 H9 1970.

AUTHOR Thomas, Donald Serrell.
TITLE Treason and libel, edited by Donald Thomas.
IMPRINT London, Boston, Routledge & Kegan Paul, 1972.
CALL # KD370 .T454 1972.

AUTHOR Hompesch, Baron.
TITLE The trial of Baron Hompesch for a libel : which took place at
Maidstone, on Wednesday, March 16th, 1808 ...
IMPRINT London : C. Chapple, 1808.
CALL # K 645 L5 H754.

AUTHOR Whiting, James, printer.
TITLE The trial of James Whiting, John Parsons, and William Congreve :
for a libel against the Hon. G. C. Berkeley, Rear Admiral of
the Red, and one of the representatives in Parliament for the
county of Gloucester : by a special jury, before the Right Hon.
Lord Chief Baron Macdonald, in His Majesty's Court of
Exchequer, June 27th, 1804 / taken in short hand by Mr.
Gurney ; together with the letters and papers which are
referred to in the course of the trial.
IMPRINT Buckingham, Eng. : Printed and sold by J. Seeley, 1804.
CALL # K645.L5 W589.

AUTHOR Williams, John Ambrose.
TITLE Trial of John Ambrose Williams, for a libel on the clergy :
contained in the Durham chronicle of August 18, 1821 : before
Mr. Baron Wood and a special jury : tried at the summer
assizes, at Durham, on Tuesday, August 6th, 1822 : to which is
prefixed a report of the preliminary proceedings in the Court
of King's Bench, London.
IMPRINT London : Ridgway ; Edinburgh : Constable, 1822.
CALL # K645.L5 W673.

AUTHOR Phillips, Josiah, defendant.
TITLE The trial of Joseph [i.e. Josiah] Phillips for a libel on the
Duke of Cumberland : and the proceedings previous thereto
arising out of the suicide of Sellis in 1810 / from the short-
hand notes of Mr. Gurney ; to which is added, in an appendix,
the republication of the pamphlet (out of print), called "A
minute detail of the attempt to assassinate the Duke of
IMPRINT London : J. Hatchard and Son, 1833.
CALL # K 645 L5 P544.

AUTHOR Bourne, Charles.
TITLE The trial of Lieutenant Charles Bourne : upon the prosecution of
Sir James Wallace, Knt., for an assault; also the law
pleadings, the arguments of counsel, and the speech of Mr.
Justice Willes upon passing judgement / taken in short-hand by
Mr. Blanchard. With notes by Mr. Bourne.
IMPRINT London : Printed for S. Bladon, 1783.
CALL # K645.C4 B667
AUTHOR Lambert, John, printer, defendant.
TITLE Trial of the information ex officio : the King versus John
Lambert and another, on a charge of libel on His Majesty's
person inserted in the Morning chronicle / edited by James
IMPRINT London : Printed by John Lambert for James Ridgway, 1810.
CALL # K 645 L5 L174.

AUTHOR Stopes, Marie Carmichael, 1880-1958.
TITLE True in substance and in fact : an account of the "birth control"
libel action Stopes v. Sutherland and Harding & More, Let.,
with verbatim reports of the House of Lords judgements.
IMPRINT London : Harding & More, 1925.
CALL # K645.L5 St73.

AUTHOR Onslow, George Onslow, Earl of, 1731-1814.
TITLE The whole proceedings in the cause on the action brought by the
Rt. Hon. Geo. Onslow, Esq. against the Rev. Mr. Horne : on
Friday, April 6, at Kingston, for a defamatory libel, before
the Right Honourable Sir William Blackstone, Knt., one of the
justices of His Majesty's Court of King's Bench / taken in
short-hand (by permission of the judge) by Joseph Gurney.
IMPRINT London : Printed for T. Davies ... and J. Gurney ..., 1770.
CALL # K 645 L5 ON7 2.

AUTHOR Earle, William.
TITLE William Earle against Katherine Earle : libel given in the 1st of
July, 1765.
IMPRINT [Great Britain : s.n., 1765].
CALL # K645.C1 Ea75.


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