Thursday, July 19, 2007


CCJA has a web site "for instruction in the art of criminal trial advocacy". It includes discussions of direct examination, eyewitness testimony, opening statement, pretrial planning and many more. They also offer a simulated litigation course. The site seems to be designed for the practicing defenders and prosecutors as well as the law student.

Thursday, July 05, 2007


Here are a few of the new titles added to HeinOnline's World Trials Library:

Account of the Murder of the Late Mr. William Weare, of Lyon’s Inn, London: Including the Circumstances which First Led to the Discovery of the Murder, and the Detection of the Murderers, the Depositions Taken before the Magistrates, the Coroner’s Inquest, the Trials of the Prisoners, and the Execution of John Thurtell, at Hertford, on Friday the 9th of January 1824 1 v. (1824) Jones, George Henry.

Account of the Proceedings on the Trial of Susan B. Anthony, on the Charge of Illegal Voting at the Presidential Election in Nov., 1872, and on the Trial of Beverly W. Jones, Edwin T. Marsh and William B. Hall, the Inspectors of Elections by Whom Her Vote was Received1 v. (1874) Anthony, Susan B. (Susan Brownell) (defendant); United States. Circuit Court (New York: Northern District).

Accurate Account of the Trial of William Corder, for the Murder of Maria Marten, of Polstead, in Suffolk, which Took Place at Bury Saint Edmunds, on Thursday and Friday, the 7th and 8th Aug. 1828, before Chief Baron Alexander, with a Portrait of the Criminal. To which are Added, an Explanatory Preface, and Fifty-three of the Letters Sent by Various Ladies, in Answer to Corder’s Matrimonial Advertisement, Inserted in the Morning Herald and Sunday Times of November Last, Carefully Copied from the Originals, in the Possession of the Publisher2d ed. 1 v. (1828) Corder, William (defendant).

Address to the Whig Club: with an Essay on the Judicial Discretion of Judges, on Fiats and on Bail1 v. (1790) MacNally, Leonard.

Apology for the Conduct of the Gordons: Containing the Whole of Their Correspondence, Conversation, etc. with Mrs. Lee : to which Is Annexed an Accurate Account of Their Examination at Bow Street, and Their Trial at Oxford4th ed. 1 v. (1804) Gordon, Loudoun Harcourt.

Argument of Clarence Darrow in Case of the Communist Labor Party in the Criminal Court, Chicago1 v. (1920) Darrow, Clarence.

Arguments of Counsel in the Close of the Trial of Rev. Ephraim K. Avery, for the Murder of Sarah M. Cornell, at a Special Term of the Supreme Court of Rhode Island, Held from May 6th to June 2d, 1833. Hon. Jeremiah Mason, of Boston, for the Prisoner. Albert C. Greene, Attorney General, for the Prosecution 1 v. (1833) Rhode Island. Supreme Court.; Mason, Jeremiah; Greene, Albert C. (Albert Collins).