Friday, October 08, 2010

Law Library Acquisitions List - September 2010

Administrative Law
KD4882 .P76 2010
The regulatory enterprise : government, regulation, and legitimacy / Tony Prosser.Prosser, Tony.Oxford ; New York : Oxford University Press, 2010.

HQ1798.5 .S89 2010
Beyond women's empowerment in Africa : exploring dislocation and agency / Elinami Veraeli Swai.Swai, Elinami Veraeli.New York : Palgrave Macmillan, 2010.

Banks and Banking
HG1811 .D38 2010
Banking on the future : the fall and rise of central banking / Howard Davies, David Green.Davies, H. (Howard)Princeton : Princeton University Press, c2010.

Banks and Banking
HG1573 .D49 2010
Balancing the banks : global lessons from the financial crisis / Mathias Dewatripont, Jean-Charles Rochet, and Jean Tirole ; translated by Keith Tribe.Dewatripont, M. (Mathias)Princeton, N.J. : Princeton University Press, c2010.

Banks and Banking
HG1551 .G76 2010
Unsettled account : the evolution of banking in the industrialized world since 1800 / Richard S. Grossman.Grossman, Richard S.Princeton, [N.J.] : Princeton University Press, c2010.

DC354 .H37 2010
Dreyfus : politics, emotion, and the scandal of the century / Ruth Harris.Harris, Ruth, 1958-New York : Metropolitan Books, 2010.

Capital Punishment
K5104 .M87 2010
Voices of the death penalty debate : a citizen's guide to capital punishment / by Russell G. Murphy.Murphy, Russell G.Lake Mary, FL : Vandeplas Pub., c2010.

Capital Punishment
HV8699.U5 C415 2010
The last gasp : the rise and fall of the American gas chamber / Scott Christianson.Christianson, Scott.Berkeley, Calif. : University of California Press, c2010.

HT147.C48 V57 2010
Cities surround the countryside : urban aesthetics in post-socialist China / Robin Visser.Visser, Robin, 1962-Durham [NC] : Duke University Press, c2010.
JQ1516 .C433 2010
Allies of the state : China's private entrepreneurs and democratic change / Jie Chen, Bruce J. Dickson.Chen, Jie, 1955-Cambridge, Mass. : Harvard University Press
B5233.E55 Z43 2010
What is enlightenment : can China answer Kant's question? / Wei Zhang.Zhang, Wei, 1958-Albany : State University of New York Press, c2010.

E183.8.C5 P26 2010
Living with the dragon : how the American public views the rise of China / Benjamin I. Page, Tao Xie.Page, Benjamin I.New York : Columbia University Press, c2010.

JZ1730 .M85 2010
Multidimensional diplomacy of contemporary China / edited by Simon Shen and Jean-Marc F. Blanchard.Lanham, Md. : Lexington Books, c2010.

KF3389 .G67
Basic text on labor law. Chinese880-01 Lao dong fa ji ben jiao cheng : lao gong lian he yu ji ti tan pan / Luobote A. Gaoerman ; Ma Jing ... [deng] yi.Gorman, Robert A., 1937-880-03 Beijing Shi : Zhongguo zheng fa da xue chu ban she, 2003.

Civil Procedure
KF8839 .C455 2008
Civil procedure stories / edited by Kevin M. Clermont.New York : Foundation Press ; [St. Paul, Minn.] : Thomson/West, c2008.

Civil Procedure
KF8840 .O25 2009
American civil procedure : a guide to civil adjudication in US courts / John B. Oakley, Vikram D. Amar.Oakley, John B. Publishers, c2009.

Civil Procedure
KF8841 .G59 2009
The Glannon guide to civil procedure : learning civil procedure through multiple-choice questions and analysis / Joseph W. Glannon.Glannon, Joseph W.New York
Comparative Law
K5197 .R48 2010
Rethinking rape law : international and comparative perspectives / edited by Clare McGlynn and Vanessa E. Munro.Abingdon, Oxon, UK ; New York : Routledge, 2010.

Constitutional Law
K3161 .F73 2010
Framing the state in times of transition : case studies in constitution making / Laurel E. Miller, editor ; with Louis Aucoin.Washington, DC : United States Institute of Peace Press, 2010.

Constitutional Law
KF4930 .O75 2010
The origins of the necessary and proper clause / Gary Lawson ... [et al.].New York : Cambridge University Press, 2010.

Constitutional Law
E332.2 B27 2010
Liberty, state & union : the political theory of Thomas Jefferson / Luigi Marco Bassani.Bassani, Luigi Marco, 1963-Macon, Ga. : Mercer University Press, c2010.
KF1414 .F68 2010
Foundations of corporate law / [edited] by Roberta Romano.New York, NY : Foundation Press : Thomson Reuters, 2010.

Criminal Procedure
KF9619 .C482 2008
Criminal procedure : adjudication / Erwin Chemerinsky, Laurie L. Levenson.Chemerinsky, Erwin.New York : Aspen
Cyber Law
K1569 .K66 2010
The current state of domain name regulation : domain names as second-class citizens in a mark-dominated world / Konstantinos Komaitis.Komaitis, Konstantinos.New York : Routledge, 2010.

Cyber Law
K564.C6 A75 2010
Law and order in virtual worlds : exploring avatars, their ownership and rights / Angela Adrian.Adrian, Angela, 1968-Hershey, Pa. : Information Science Reference, c2010.

Economic Sociology
HM548 .P67 2010
Economic sociology : a systematic inquiry / Alejandro Portes.Portes, Alejandro, 1944-Princeton, N.J. : Princeton University Press, c2010.

LC3665.G7 P46 2010
Education, asylum and the non-citizen child : the politics of compassion and belonging / Halleli Pinson, Madeleine Arnot and Mano Candappa.Pinson, Halleli, 1973-Houndmills, Basingstoke, Hampshire ; New York : Palgrave Macmillan, 2010.

Election Law
JK1991 .S65 2010
Campaign finance reform : the political shell game / Melissa M. Smith ... [et al.].Lanham, Md. : Lexington Books/Rowman & Littlefield, c2010.

Election Law
JK1994 .M66 2010
The myth of voter fraud / Lorraine C. Minnite.Minnite, Lorraine Carol.Ithaca [N.Y.] : Cornell University Press, 2010.

Environmental Law
HE308 .F87 2010
One less car : bicycling and the politics of automobility / Zack Furness.Furness, Zachary Mooradian.Philadelphia : Temple University Press, 2010.

Environmental Law
K3585 .K97 2010
Regulating from nowhere : environmental law and the search for objectivity / Douglas A. Kysar.Kysar, Douglas A.New Haven [Conn.] : Yale University Press, c2010
Environmental Law
GE180 .E637 2010
Environmental protection policy and experience in the U.S. and China's western regions / edited by Sujian Guo, Joel J. Kassiola, and Zhang Jijiao.Lanham, Md. : Lexington Books, c2010.

KJE6456 .E938 2010
European Commission decisions on competition : economic perspectives on landmark antitrust and merger cases / Francesco Russo ... [et al.].Cambridge ; New York : Cambridge University Press, 2010.

HM753 .R57 2010
A community of Europeans? : transnational identities and public spheres / Thomas Risse.Risse-Kappen, Thomas.Ithaca [N.Y.] : Cornell University Press, 2010.

KF8961 .C665 2007
Scientific and expert evidence / John M. Conley, Jane Campbell Moriarty.Conley, John M.Frederick, MD : Aspen Publishers, c2007.

K8931 .Y5 2010
The system and spirit of evidence law : with special reference to Anglo-American law / Yi Yanyou.Yi, Yanyou, 1973-Beijing Shi : Peking University Press, 2010.

Family Law
KD750 .M2 2010
The family lawyer and the Court of Protection / Marc Marin.Marin, Marc.Bristol : Jordans, c2010.

HQ1410 .A35 2010
African Americans doing feminism : putting theory into everyday practice / edited by Aaronette M. White.Albany : State University of New York Press, c2010.

Financial Crisis
KF974 .M328 2010
Anatomy of a meltdown : a dual financial biography of the subprime mortgage crisis / Michael P. Malloy.Malloy, Michael P., 1951-New York : Wolters Kluwer Law & Business, 2010.

JV7984 .R35 2010
Reinventing the Republic : gender, migration, and citizenship in France / Catherine Raissiguier.Raissiguier, Catherine, 1957-Stanford, Calif. : Stanford University Press, c2010.

JN2997 .M87 2010
Parties, gender quotas and candidate selection in France / Rainbow Murray.Murray, Rainbow, 1979-Basingstoke [England] ; New York : Palgrave Macmillan, 2010.

Human Rights
HV640.3 .B35 2004
Vulnerable bodies : gender, the UN and the global refugee crisis / Erin K. Baines.Baines, Erin K., 1969-Aldershot, Hants, England ; Burlington, VT : Ashgate, c2004.

Human Rights
JC571 .T6994 2010
Transitional justice : global mechanisms and local realities after genocide and mass violence / edited by Alexander Laban Hinton.New Brunswick, N.J. : Rutgers University Press, c2010.

Human Rights
K3240 .A3384 2010
The legal nature of international human rights / by Michael K. Addo.Addo, Michael K.Leiden ; Boston : Martinus Nijhoff Publishers, 2010.

Human Rights
JC571 .W4722 2010
The divided world : human rights and its violence / Randall Williams.Williams, Randall, 1964-Minneapolis : University of Minnesota Press, c2010
PN6149 .P5 M36 2010
Humor as survival training for a stressed-out world : the 7 humor habits program.Mcghee, Paul E.[S.l.] : Authorhouse,

HV875.58.A45 D83 2010
Babies without borders : adoption and migration across the Americas / Karen Dubinsky.Dubinsky, Karen.New York : New York University Press, [2010]

F220.S75 G56 2009
Global connections & local receptions : new Latino immigration to the southeastern United States / edited by Fran Ansley and Jon Shefner.Knoxville : University of Tennessee
JV6465 .B657 2010
Brokered boundaries : creating immigrant identity in anti-immigrant times / Douglas S. Massey and Magaly Sánchez R.Massey, Douglas S.New York : Russell Sage Foundation, c2010.

F548.9.S75 M37 2010
¡Marcha! : Latino Chicago and the immigrant rights movement / edited by Amalia Pallares and Nilda Flores-González.Urbana, Ill. : University of Illinois Press, c2010.

KF4829 .E47 2010
Employing international workers : leading lawyers on understanding recent immigration trends, navigating the visa process, and meeting compliance requirements / H. Richard Sindelar III .... [et al.].[Boston, Mass] : Aspatore Books, c2010.

KF4819.85 .B73 2010
Fiancé and marriage visas : a couple's guide to U.S. immigration / Ilona M. Bray ; updated by Ruby Lieberman..Bray, Ilona M., 1962-Berkeley, Calif. : Nolo, 2010.

HD6189 .P375 2010
Working the night shift : women in India's call center industry / Reena Patel.Patel, Reena, 1970-Stanford, Calif. : Stanford University Press, 2010.

Intellectual Property
K1420.5 .D345 2010
Copyright, contracts, creators : new media, new rules / Giuseppina D'Agostino.D'Agostino, Giuseppina, 1973-Cheltenham, UK ; Northampton, MA : Edward Elgar, c2010.

Intellectual Property
K1401 .M89 2010
The museum of bioprospecting, intellectual property, and the public domain : a place, a process, a philosophy / edited by Joseph Henry Vogel
Intellectual Property
KF2979 .G66 2010
Copyright, patent, trademark, and related state doctrines : cases and materials on the law of intellectual property / by Paul Goldstein, R. Anthony Reese.Goldstein, Paul, 1943-New York, N.Y. : Foundation Press, 2010.

Intellectual Property
KJE2636 .G478 2010
Innovation, competition and consumer welfare in intellectual property law / Gustavo Ghidini.Ghidini, Gustavo.Cheltenham, UK ; Northampton, MA : Edward Elgar, c2010

Intellectual Property
KF2980 .E44 2010
Patent, copyright & trademark / by Richard Stim.Stim, Richard.Berkeley, Calif. : Nolo, c2010.

Intellectual Property
KNQ1160 .H46 2010
Copyright matters : imitation, creativity and authenticity in contemporary Chinese literature / Lena Henningsen.Henningsen, Lena.Berlin : BWV, Berliner Wissenschafts-Verlag, c2010.

International Criminal Law
KTD454 .C7813 2010
Tribunal des vaincus. EnglishCourt of remorse : inside the International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda / Thierry Cruvellier ; translated by Chari Voss.Cruvellier, T. (Thierry)Madison, Wis. : University of Wisconsin Press, c2010.

International Criminal Law
K5194 .B76 2005
Supranational criminal prosecution of sexual violence : the ICC and the practice of the ICTY and the ICTR / Anne-Marie L.M. de Brouwer.Brouwer, Anne-Marie de, 1975-Antwerpen : Intersentia, c2005.

International Law
KZ3410 .D86 2010
International law : norms, actors, process : a problem-oriented approach / Jeffrey L. Dunoff, Steven R. Ratner, David Wippman.Dunoff, Jeffrey L., 1960-New York : Aspen Publishers, c2010.

International Law
JX2093 .E5 2010
On the law of war and peace / Hugo Grotius.Grotius, Hugo, 1583-1645.[Whitefish, Mont.] : Kessinger Pub., [2010

International Law
KZ3140.J36 A35 2008
International law / Mark Weston Janis.Janis, Mark W.Austin : Wolters Kluwer Law & Business, c2008
International Law
KZ3925 .N66 2010
Non-state actor dynamics in international law : from law-takers to law-makers / edited by Math Noortmann and Cedric Ryngaert.Farnham, Surrey, England ; Burlington, VT
International Law
KZ3410 .K33 2010
Public international law / Alina Kaczorowska.Kaczorowska, Alina.Abingdon, Oxon [U.K.] ; New York : Routledge, 2010.
Comparative Law
K3171 .R85 2010
The rule of law in comparative perspective / edited by Mortimer Sellers, Tadeusz Tomaszewski.Dordrecht

International Law
KJE4443.3200 .P57 2010
The Lisbon Treaty : a legal and political analysis / Jean-Claude Piris.Piris, Jean-Claude.Cambridge [UK] ; New York : Cambridge University Press, 2010.

International Law
JZ1318 .W447 2010
Global governance and the UN : an unfinished journey / Thomas G. Weiss and Ramesh Thakur ; foreword by John Gerard Ruggie.Weiss, Thomas George.Bloomington : Indiana University Press, c2010.

International Law
HV1568 .I56 2010
Inclusion for all : the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities / Deborah A. Ziegler, editor.New York : International Debate Education Association, c2010.

International Law
KZ3410 .G54 2010
The fog of law : pragmatism, security, and international law / Michael J. Glennon.Glennon, Michael J., 1947-Washington, D.C. : Woodrow Wilson Center Press ; Stanford, Calif. : Stanford University Press, c2010
KF385.A4 H36 2010
Elements of law / Eva H. Hanks, Michael E. Herz, Steven S. Nemerson.Hanks, Eva H.New Providence, NJ : LexisNexis, c2010.

Juvenile Justice
HV9104 .N873 2010
Locked up, locked out : young men in the juvenile justice system / Anne M. Nurse.Nurse, Anne, 1968-Nashville, Tenn. : Vanderbilt University Press, 2010.

Legal History
HD8068 .T66 2010
Freedom bound : law, labor, and civic identity in colonizing English America, 1580-1865 / Christopher Tomlins.Tomlins, Christopher L., 1951-New York : Cambridge University Press, 2010.

Legal History
E457.5 .L735 2010
The Lincoln assassination : crime and punishment, myth and memory / edited by Harold Holzer, Craig L. Symonds, and Frank J. Williams.New York : Fordham University Press, 2010.

HQ76.3.U5 H468 2010
Another country : queer anti-urbanism / Scott Herring.Herring, Scott, 1976-New York : New York University Press, c2010.

HQ76.8.B6 D35 2010
Queering the public sphere in Mexico and Brazil : sexual rights movements in emerging democracies / Rafael de la Dehesa.De la Dehesa, Rafael, 1967-Durham [NC] : Duke University Press, 2010.

Medical Jurisprudence
RA412.4 .O47 2010
The politics of Medicaid / Laura Katz Olson.Olson, Laura Katz, 1945-New York : Columbia University Press, c2010.

HC135 .C967 2010
Mexico's economic dilemma : the developmental failure of neoliberalism : a contemporary case study of the globalization process / James M. Cypher and Raúl Delgado Wise.Cypher, James M.Lanham, Md. : Rowman & Littlefield Publishers, c2010.

KDZ944 .A41922 G58 2010
Understanding the North American Free Trade Agreement : legal and business consequences of NAFTA / Leslie Alan Glick.Glick, Leslie Alan.Alphen aan den Rijn ; London : Kluwer Law International, 2010.

National Security
KZ6496 .C56 2010
Closing Guantanamo : issues and legal matters surrounding the detention center's end / Noah M. Claeys, editor.New York : Nova Science Publishers, c2010.

National Security
UA23 .C929 2009
Cyberpower and national security / edited by Franklin D. Kramer, Stuart Starr, and Larry K. Wentz.Washington, D C : Center for Technology and National Security Policy ; National Defense University Press : Potomac Books, [2009
National Security
K5256 .F37 2008
Confronting global terrorism and American neo-conservatism : the framework of a liberal grand strategy / Tom Farer.Farer, Tom J.Oxford ; New York : Oxford University Press, 2008.

National Security
KZ3410 .M447 2010
The doctrines of US security policy : an evaluation under international law / Heiko Meiertöns.Meiertöns, Heiko.Cambridge ; New York : Cambridge University Press
National Security
HV6431 .C6526 2010
The consequences of counterterrorism / Martha Crenshaw, editor.New York, N.Y. : Russell Sage Foundation, c2010.

National Security
KF4850 .F67 2010
The Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act and its ramifications / Brett J. Wills, editor.New York : Nova Science Publishers, c2010.

Native Americans
E99.S28 W67 2010
The Seminole nation of Oklahoma : a legal history / L. Susan Work ; foreword by Lindsay G. Robertson.Work, L. Susan, 1950-Norman : University of Oklahoma Press, c2010.

F128.9.C5 S67 2010
Shaping and reshaping Chinese American identity : New York's Chinese during the Depression and World War II / Jingyi Song.Song, Jingyi, 1950-Lanham, Md. : Lexington Books, c2010.

E185.615 .H325 2010
What can you say? : America's national conversation on race / John Hartigan Jr.Hartigan, John, 1964-Stanford, Calif. : Stanford University Press, c2010.

E185.6 .R87 2010
Fly away : the great African American cultural migrations / Peter M. Rutkoff and William B. Scott.Rutkoff, Peter M., 1942-Baltimore : Johns Hopkins University Press, c2010
E908.3 .S84 2010
Not even past : Barack Obama and the burden of race / Thomas J. Sugrue.Sugrue, Thomas J., 1962-Princeton, N.J. : Princeton University Press, c2010.

KF4893 .R57 2010
Defying disfranchisement : Black voting rights activism in the Jim Crow South, 1890-1908 / R. Volney Riser.Riser, R. Volney.Baton Rouge, La. : Louisiana State University Press, c2010.

PS255.P5 O88 2010
Philadelphia stories : America's literature of race and freedom / Samuel Otter.Otter, Samuel, 1956-New York : Oxford University Press, 2010.

HT1575 .M336 2010
The machinery of whiteness : studies in the structure of racialization / Steve Martinot.Martinot, Steve.Philadelphia : Temple University Press, 2010.

E185.89.I56 B36 2010
From Du Bois to Obama : African American intellectuals in the public forum / Charles Pete Banner-Haley.Banner-Haley, Charles Pete T., 1948-Carbondale : Southern Illinois University Press, c2010.

KFM7142 .W35 2010
Jury discrimination : the Supreme Court, public opinion, and a grassroots fight for racial equality in Mississippi / Christopher Waldrep.Waldrep, Christopher, 1951-Athens, Ga. : University of Georgia Press, c2010.

KF358 .G67 2010
The spirit of the law : religious voices and the Constitution in modern America / Sarah Barringer Gordon.Gordon, Sarah Barringer, 1955-Cambridge, Mass. : Belknap Press of Harvard University Press, 2010.
K3240 .A3384 2010
The Peyote road : religious freedom and the Native American Church / Thomas Constantine Maroukis.Maroukis, Thomas Constantine, 1938-Norman : University of Oklahoma Press, c2010.E98.R3 M29 2010

Roman Law
KJA147 .R544 2010
Roman law and the legal world of the Romans / Andrew M. Riggsby.Riggsby, Andrew M.Cambridge ; New York : Cambridge University Press, 2010.

Roman Law
BL805 .V37 2010
The religion of senators in the Roman Empire : power and the beyond / Zsuzsanna Várhelyi.Várhelyi, Zsuzsanna.Cambridge ; New York : Cambridge University Press, 2010.

DK42 .R77 2010
Russia / edited by Richard Joseph Stein.New York : H.W. Wilson Co., 2010.

Social Media
KF320.A9 E44 2010
Social media for lawyers : the next frontier / Carolyn Elefant and Nicole Black.Elefant, Carolyn.[Chicago, Ill.] : ABA Law Practice Management Section, c2010.

Sports Law
GV706.35 .M3525 2010
Gaming the world : how sports are reshaping global politics and culture / Andrei S. Markovits & Lars Rensmann.Markovits, Andrei S.Princeton : Princeton University Press, c2010.

Sports Law
KF4166 .B73 2010
Getting in the game : Title IX and the women's sports revolution / Deborah L. Brake.Brake, Deborah L.New York : New York University Press, c2010.

Supreme Court
KF4575 .B73 2010
Making our democracy work : a judge's view / Stephen Breyer.Breyer, Stephen G., 1938-New York : Alfred A. Knopf, 2010.

Supreme Court
KF4541 .R68 2010
Politicians, economists and the Supreme Court at work : the founders betrayed / Timothy P. Roth.Roth, Timothy P.Cheltenham, U.K. ; Northampton, Mass. : Edward Elgar, c2010.
KF5692 .F74 2010
From sprawl to sustainability : smart growth, new urbanism, green development, and renewable energy / Robert H. Freilich, Robert J. Sitkowski and Seth D. Mennillo.Freilich, Robert H.Chicago, Ill. : American Bar Association, c2010.

KD5359.A2 T39
Studies in the history of tax law / edited by John Tiley.Tax Law History Conference (1st : 2002 : Lucy Cavendish College)Oxford ; Portland, Or. : Hart, 2004-<2010>KD5359.A2
KF241.T38 R5 2010
Federal tax research : guide to materials and techniques / by Gail Levin Richmond.Richmond, Gail Levin.New York, NY : Foundation Press, 2010.

(RES) KF6452 .Y56 2009
Partnership taxation / George K. Yin, Karen C. Burke.Yin, George K.New York : Aspen Publishers, c2009.

KF1250.Z95 B87 2007
Business torts : a fifty-state guide / Morton F. Daller, editor-in-chief.New York, N.Y. : Aspen Publishers, c2006.

KF1257 .C43 2010
The measure of injury : race, gender, and tort law / Martha Chamallas and Jennifer B. Wriggins.Chamallas, Martha.New York : New York University Press, c2010.

KF1250.Z9 H375 2009
The Glannon guide to torts : learning torts through multiple-choice questions and analysis / Richard L. Hasen.Hasen, Richard L.Austin : Wolters Kluwer Law & Business ; New York : Aspen Publishers, c2009.

Trial Advocacy
KF300 .H368 2010
The complete advocate : a practice file for representing clients from beginning to end / A.G. Harmon.Harmon, A. G., 1962-New Providence, NJ : LexisNexis, c2010.

Trial Advocacy
KF8935.Z9 G46 2010
A student's guide to trial objections / by Charles B. Gibbons.Gibbons, Charles B.[St. Paul, Minn.] : West Group, c2010.

Trial Advocacy
KF8915.Z9 M342
Mauet's trial notebook / Thomas A. Mauet.Mauet, Thomas A.New York : Aspen Law & Business, c1998-

Trial Advocacy
KF8915.Z9 M33 2007
Materials in trial advocacy : problems and cases / Thomas A. Mauet and Warren D. Wolfson.Mauet, Thomas A.New York : Aspen Publishers, c2007.

Trial Practice
KF8902.E42 L673 2010
Electronic discovery : new ideas, case law, trends and practices / Ralph C. LoseyLosey, Ralph C.[Eagan, MN] : West, 2010.

KF5060 .W373 2010
War Powers Resolution after 34 years and the continuing political debate / Jeremiah E. Sanders, editor.New York : Nova Science Publishers, c2010.

UA23 .L447 2010
The limits of U.S. military capability : lessons from Vietnam and Iraq / James H. Lebovic.Lebovic, James H.Baltimore [Md.] : Johns Hopkins University Press, 2010.

Women and the Law
KEO176 .G53 2009
Feminized justice : the Toronto Women's Court, 1913-34 / Amanda Glasbeek.Glasbeek, Amanda, 1967-Vancouver : UBC Press, c2009.

Women and the Law
HQ1438.N35 Z36 2010
Voices without votes : women and politics in antebellum New England / Ronald J. Zboray and Mary Saracino Zboray.Zboray, Ronald J.Durham, N.H. : University of New Hampshire Press ; Hanover [N.H.] : University Press of New England, c2010.

Monday, October 04, 2010

Trial Advocacy Alumni Join Local Firm

Barroway Topaz Kessler Meltzer & Check, LLP has added a patent litigation platform and brought in two established intellectual property lawyers to direct the initiative.

The firm announced that noted patent litigators Michael J. Bonella and Paul B. Milcetic have joined as co-chairs of the new practice. The two attorneys were formerly partners with the national intellectual property law firm of Woodcock Washburn LLP in Philadelphia.

Mr. Bonella obtained a bachelor of science degree cum laude in mechanical engineering from Villanova University, and received his law degree magna cum laude from the Duke University School of Law. He is one of a few attorneys registered to practice before the Patent and Trademark Office and holding an LLM degree in Trial Advocacy, which he
obtained from Temple University.

Mr. Milcetic obtained a Computer Science degree summa cum laude from Rutgers University, and received his law degree from the Cornell Law School. He also received an LLM in trial advocacy from the Temple University School of Law, and is licensed to practice law in Pennsylvania, New York and New Jersey. Mr. Milcetic is the author of the book
entitled Technology Patent Infringement Case Strategies, published by Aspatore Books (2008), which analyzes standards related to patent litigation.